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  Jim Self
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Jim Self, a Yamaha Performing Artist, is a top studio and performing musician in Los Angeles.  His primary instrument is tuba, but he also plays a large number of low-brass and other bass instruments.

Jim and Jamie run Basset Hound Music, which publishes and sells all of Jim's recorded and printed music.  Please visit Basset Hound Music Store for all of the ordering information.

Jim playing his new baby, the FLUBA
Jim playing his baby, the FLUBA
Artwork from his album My America 

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New Two Articles:
New ¡YO!: Jim Self and the Tricky Lix Latin Jazz Band.
(June 2016)

  Three Articles: (September 2014)

  'Tis the Season TUBA Jolly: A new holiday album featuring the Hollywood Tuba 12. There are sound clips from the album being added every day.
(Oct 2013)

  Two Articles: An Interesting Week highlighting a week's of studio work around Los Angeles and Wearing My Composer's Hat about Jim traveling as a composer.
(Jun 2013)

  Article: Quotes and Reviews on Jim's recordings and compositions.
(Apr 2013)

  Article: Jim's Favorite Movie Scores - Updated to Early 2013.
(Mar 2013)

  Wikipedia Article: Jim Self's article on Wikipedia (English Version).
(Mar 2013)

Not So New Things

A May 1997 is titled "Basset Hound Blues".  This album features Stanley, the Basset Hound accompanied by Jim Self playing tuba on the title track.  Any of Jim's albums may be ordered at the Basset Hound Music Store.

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Album liner-art for Basset Hound Blues.

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