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Stanley and Beauregard ready for Tuba Christmas


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Starting in 2011, Scott Wilkinson took over running TubaChristmas Los Angeles. Please see his website for all details.
The material here is just for some historical reference.

For More Information, contact Scott Wilkinson
tubasantaclause [AT] gmail.com



"it was the best time, ever"!!!

I'm talking about the "Merry TubaChristmas" concert in Glendale, Saturday, December 2. We arrived at the Alex Theater about 3PM for practice. It went great, as usual. We then went outside and set up under the theater marquee. They blocked off both ends of the street, set up a director's podium and sound system for the performance. We had a great crowd for the show!!

Jim and Tim O'Brien conducted carols. Maestro Weiss from the Glendale Symphony did a turn, too!! The Tubadors came up next and Brad Warnaar conducted his special arrangements with "Los Tubas" million dollar pros. This venue is the best I've experienced in the seventeen years I have been involved here in California. Glendale plans for the first Saturday in December for next year. Mark your calendar now and plan to be there. I will!!!!

Thanks, Jim for a great time!!

    Danny Witherspoon
    Band Director
    Valley High School
    Santa Ana

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