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SelectionDurationSizeCD NamePrinted Music
At The Fireside 1:01 425 (KB) Changing Colors Scenes from Childhood
Basset Hound Blues 0:29 207 (KB) Basset Hound Blues Not Available
Breakthrough 0:43 304 (KB) New Stuff Not Available
Cavatina 0:35 244 (KB) New Stuff Not Available
Dog Tags 0:03 27 (KB) Basset Hound Blues Join the Army
Duh Blooze 0:32 229 (KB) Carolina Morning Duh Suite
Finale from Tchaikovsky's 4th Symphony 0:54 377 (KB) The Big Stretch Finale Symphony No.4
Jitterbug Waltz 0:38 269 (KB) New Stuff Not Available
New Stuff 0:42 293 (KB) New Stuff Not Available
Polka.Com (Solo Tuba) 0:16 114 (KB) The Big Stretch Polka.Com (for Brass Quintet)
'Round Midnight 1:27 600 (KB) Tricky Lix Not Available
Stanley 0:02 18 (KB) Basset Hound Blues You've got to be kidding
Syrinx 0:54 375 (KB) Changing Colors Not Available
Tricky Lix 1:02 431 (KB) Tricky Lix Not Available

Buford on His Bed
Buford, our new Basset Hound is a Rescue dog. He is all red and we named him Buford because he has a "red neck". He is about 5 or 6 years old and makes a good companion for Gus.

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